About Me

Rowan Goswell is a Fresh faced new developer straight out of university searching eagerly for his first job. his ambition is to become a professional Games developer.

He lives at home with his family, but hopes to get a house with his girlfriend as soon as possible

if that isn't cliche, I don't know what is...

apart from that, I try to avoid cliche, it isn't working well.


personality wise, I would describe myself as quiet, patient and reserved. I usually think things through before doing them. I believe in doing the Right thing, though I'm not always certain what the Right thing is.

I am most aggravated by people who intentionally live up to stereotypes.

When working, I prefer to work in a room full of like-minded people, or at least, other people working. The atmosphere of a workplace is quite conducive to productivity for me, I work badly when alone, I get distracted easily. being with colleagues keeps me on track by peer pressure.


My main hobby is Modding for games, specificallly Fallout New Vegas at the moment, but I hope to branch out to the Source engine when time permits.

I can write Javascript, Java, C++ and at a pinch, bash-scripting. I am also fluent in the Expression pseudo-scripting used in the Wiremod extension for Garry's Mod.

In the past I have learnt the violin and studied Aikedo for six years (achieving Brown belt, the second below Black belt) though I dropped them both due to moving to the UK, differences in the teaching styles removed the fun of doing them both for me.

I am an active member of the Fallout New Vegas modding community with dozens of mods released, I am also an active super-admin on a build server in Garry's Mod. (in our system, Super-admin is identical to the Owner rank, with full access to the server files and FTP)

I have in the past operated my own Garry's Mod server, though I shut down due to lack of available funds during university.

I live in somerset with my family, we farm alpacas and have two cats.