My Fallout New Vegas Mods


Modding for me entails primarily using the SDK provided for Fallout New Vegas. I use Blender for editing and producing custom meshes. In most cases, my custom meshes are actually combinations of existing meshes from the games, tweaked, edited, distorted and otherwise mashed together to produce something alltogether different from the component pieces.

for texturing, I use photoshop 6.0 with a dds converter program to convert the files into usable formats, likewise I tend to work from existing texture sets, recolouring, adding text and simple iconography to existing textures. I know how to do things from scratch, but my art skills aren't really good enough to make it look good. especially not alongside the professional level work in the games.

I also use a host of lesser programs, such as Nifskope, for editing the functionality of the mesh files and FO3Archive, for extracting files from the BSA archives they're kept in.


These are the Mods I have uploaded to I have produced a significantly larger number of mods which I haven't felt merited sharing.

I also maintain a similar page of mods on the sister site though those are older and largely inferior.

WIP Mods

Title Mod Description Progress

Vault 105

Forum Link

A populated vault in the Mojave with Quests and characters galore.

Entrance01 Entrance02 Clinic Doc Ryan Cafe

See Relevant Page

Mad Science!

Forum Link

Become a Mad Scientist, Do Mad Science!

Players gain the ability under certain conditions to have flashes of insight into technologies in the world, allowing them to then produce schematics and devices that use estabilished technologies in different ways.



Approaching Alpha Release

See Relevant Page

Production Plasma Rifle

A beefed up and cooler version of the vanilla plasma rifle

Image01 Image02

essentially complete, requires placement ingame
The Maverick

A powerful hand-cannon based on the real-world Nerf Maverick toy dart launcher


Ingame and working, needs some work on the mesh and textures still. V/Fun

Pepperbox Revolver

Forum Link

A unique pistol based on the historical Pepperbox revolver.


Maybe a little more texture and mesh work still, needs placement ingame.

Otherwise working well.

Released Mods

Title Mod Description Content Description
A Vault For Two A Vault themed player-home with a lore-friendly backstory, lots of features to make it a viable and enjoyable player home. requires some effort to acquire the key early. Lots of custom meshes and retextures.
Archimedes One - Multitarget Laser Satellite A more powerful and pyrotechnic alternative to the vanilla Archimedes Two superweapon. quasi-lorefriendly.

Custom texture set, altered functionality for the weapon fire-sequence and explosion effects. looks freakin' awesome.

Assassin's Suit - Blue Tiger A retexture of the Assassin's Suit from the Dead Money DLc. recoloured into a bluey tiger-stripe pattern

Custom Texture

Chinese Shocktroopers NV A remake of my old mod for Fallout 3, first project to successfully bind new parts to a skeleton.

Custom Mesh, Custom texture, extremely badass looking

Clean Vault Tileset A Modder's resource, lots of cleaned up versions of otherwise unique vault parts found only in the ruined texture sets.

Some custom meshes.

Compact Laser Pistol A slimmer, longer, more powerful laser pistol. Theme is blue, partnered with the Scarab Laser rifle featured below. uses identical texture sets and projectile.

Custom mesh, texture and projectile.

Couriers Outfit custom outfit based on the existing merc-grunt outfit and the merchant outfit. essentially uses the trousers of one with the jacket of the other.

Customised mesh. relatively lore friendly.

Enclave Security Armor an armored up mashup of an enclave officer's uniform with a flak vest off of a powder ganger. the idea being to make a non-power armoured soldier's uniform for enclave characters.

Custom mesh, custom retexture (albiet poor quality, this is old)

Fallout 3 Combat Shotgun re-make of the Fallout 3 combat shotgun. uses the resources included in the fallout new vegas files, stats copied from the original weapon. N/A
Frag 12 Ammo custom ammo type. explosive and slightly more accurate shots for any 12-gauge shotgun. have to be crafted at a workbench. N/A
Got Wood? custom battle rifle. remarkably popular, theme was "heavy". took a Marksman Carbine and modded it with wood furniture from the Laser RCW.

Two Custom Meshes. initially acquired without a scope, can be retrofitted with one if desired.

Heavy Merc Grunt Outfit Requested by another modder, essentially a merc grunt outfit but with bandoliers and light armour.

Custom mesh

Lamprey Mini-Missile Launcher

exceptionally popular, became a "Hot File" for approximately a week and a half. Miniature missile launcher weapon. multiple ammo types, ammo crafted at a workbench.

Videos are respectively a "Mod of the week" series of videos related to the nexus and a vid another guy made (asking my permission first) which was then used in the videos section of the mod-page.

custom mesh for the gun and the projectile.

Merc Survivor's Armor Requested by fellow modder, two other modders and myself competitively made the same project. one modder dropped out (while helping me with mine) and the other produced a less complete mod.

This is a custom mesh and retexture, available in both male and female versions.

Mod for Grishnakah Custom armor and weapons. requested and made within a space of about half an hour.

Custom retextures exclusively.

Mothership Zeta Content Restored A mindnumbing project to build a master file modding resource (now in use on at least two or three major mods in progress)

Restores the included content within Fallout new vegas held over from the F3 Mothership Zeta DLc. nothing custom, but a LOT of work generating the SDK references manually.

Noisome Infiltrator Requested mod, an unsilenced version of the Infiltrator weapon from the F3 DLc, The Pitt. resources used were hold-overs included within the FNV files but not used.

Custom mesh work consisted of removing the silencer mesh part.

Plasma Launcher

Craftable weapon created using a grenade launcher and a plasma rifle. produces essentially a plasma mortar. very effective and fun.

Custom mesh

Ruadhan2300's Outfit 4-Pack Requested mod, Four outfits specifically requested and described in the brief.

Custom retextures and meshes.

Scarab Laser Rifle

Unique and powerful laser rifle variant, theme is Blue. the gun is retextured to be predominantly in a blue texture scheme. this extends to any weapon-modkits applied. the projectile is also blue, though as noted, the core of the beam is actually red, lending it a purple overall colour.

Custom textures and projectile. quite popular mod.

Tar-3 Tesla Assault Rifle Unique energy weapon, shoots bluey-white electrical beams in rapid fire,

Custom mesh and textures, pretty popular.

Tesla Thrower - Lightning gun

Large two-handed heavy weapon. shoots a stream of lightning a fair distance. does excessive and fun damage to all targets particularly robots and power armor.

Unique concept, not successfully achieved in any other mod released on the nexus. a follow-on to my own Tesla Beam Cannon mod for Fallout 3. (which has a similar cousin made by someone else here on the fallout new vegas nexus)



Custom mesh and projectile.

The Paradox

Unique silenced and scoped Hunting shotgun. so named due to the paradox of a buckshot firing shotgun being a long ranged weapon.

surprisingly effective, particularly when paired with Frag-12.

Custom mesh.

Two-handed 10mm Smg Failed mod, tweaked the 10mm SMG to use the two-handed animation sets. but this screwed up the reload animations. didn't feel bothered enough to fix it. N/A
Vault 21 Doors - Modders Resource Retextured Vault Doors as a Modders Resource, requested by Sniperdude300 Custom Edited Retexture
Wastestroller Outfit

Unique outfit, combination of prewar dress with a post-war jacket and boots.

Thought being that it made no sense that the two wouldn't be combined at some point.

Custom mesh