====(Vault 105)=====

Entrance Hall

Vault 105 is my largest project yet. The project itself actually pre-dates Fallout New Vegas as I initially started work on it in Fallout 3, developing several assets which have since been reused in the NV version, as well as working on the basic concepts. At that stage, I lacked the scripting and development know-how to make a mod like this, but my ambition was enough to start planning. I knew my skills would improve.

Project Brief
To design and develop a large scale Vault environment and population with multiple quest-lines, Characters and a coherent backstory.
Proposed Concept:
Vault 105 is a vault based on commerce and trade, but with a strong distrust of the outside world due bad experience or general paranoia. They need to trade to survive, but they don’t trust the people they trade with. This sets up a lot of potential for intrigue and quests of various kinds.
The player’s quests will take them through various stages. First, they encounter the vault’s surface structure, unaware that it hides a vault, they may interact with the guards and lookouts there and gain hints of the bigger picture, as well as gaining their trust by completing a few minor quests.
Once trust has been gained, they are informed as to the true nature of the building and its inhabitants, and are allowed into the upper levels of the vault, where they may meet traders and some of the vault’s personnel. More quests and various tests of merit will eventually yield a key to the vault-proper, and the trust and respect of its inhabitants.
From here, the player may go on to acquire their own quarters in the vault as well as a few more quests.


“Vault 105 was, like so many vaults, a part of the Great Vault Experiments attached to Project Safehouse. Its intended purpose was twofold,
To safeguard up to 1000 middle and upper class citizens in decent comfort through the course of nuclear Armageddon, and to study how these people interacted with the postwar civilizations. To facilitate that end, the vault was heavily stocked with supplies which would be of use to a low/zero industry society and of little use to the population of the vault. The vault was also provided with approximately 200 years worth of more practical supplies with which to operate.

in 2077 when the alert went out to make for shelter, nearly 1000 panicked people descended upon the vault, most of them came from the nearby towns of Primm and Nipton. The mindless bureaucracy of the Vault-Tec officials nearly killed them all as when the bombs struck the surrounding area, there were still 200 people queuing at the door. The resulting stampede killed four people and crippled several more, these poor unfortunates were left outside as the door ground shut.

197 years later, with supplies running low, the vault's overseer decided to open the vault in a limited fashion. Using the huge quantities of useless junk (from the vault-dweller's point of view) they would trade for things they needed. Robotics components, high-quality electronics and energy weapons were abundant in the vault's stocks. The last of these would become a point of contention as New Vegas based distributor Silver Rush and its psychopathic owners would take offence at the alternate source of plasma and laser weaponry.

The upper levels of the vault were opened to traders, with many setting up semi-permanent stalls within the cleared out storage and maintenance bays near the entrance. For security reasons however, all visitors would be screened before being allowed to enter. Those found untrustworthy would not remain alive to tell the tale or worse, the location of the vault.”

Quests in the video-game sense would refer to any mission or goal that the player is given. Be it long-term, short term, marked on the quest-lists or not.
Quests come in various archetypes however. Most common are;
Fetch Quests – Go somewhere, pick something up, bring it back.
Deliveries – go somewhere, talk to someone/put something in a box/activate something, come back.
Mediation – pass various messages around between different characters. persuade them of different paths in the conversations.
Eradication – Kill a set number of enemies in a specific area
Achievement – do something specific, eg: do this here while under these conditions. Typically a challenge, but not usually used in a story context.
In my experience, there are few other kinds of quest, and some of these are really subsets of one another.
 There are also combinations of these;
The end-battle of Fallout new vegas is a Delivery quest and a Mediation quest/Eradication quest (by my previous list) even though it’s full of enemies.
You must go flip a switch, go talk to the big-bad/go kill the big bad depending on your skills, and then talkto/kill the big-good.
There are a lot of enemies, but they are merely there to make your life difficult. You don’t have to kill them, you can run or sneak past them with no difficulty really.

The challenge therefore is for me to come up with useful and sensible missions for the player to undertake for V105.

Doc Ryan

Carl - Front-man for the vault - the guy who you meet first
Security chief Rogers - head of security in the vault
Graham and Sarah - Father-daughter team who run a restaurant on the concourse.
Martin - general Handyman around the vault, can repair your stuff, possibly will have a few generic fetch-quests (thinking along the lines of bringing him electronic parts and supplies to help with the maintenance)
Barbara - ex boomer, sells weapons and ammo.
Larson - A Robobrain vendor sells robots of various types. Guarded by Gary, a Sentry bot security-guard.
? - Junk Vendor, haven't started on him yet, but he'll be in the concourse too.
? - Armor and apparel vendor, Very well dressed.
Doctor Ryan - the vault's head doctor, heals you, removes addictions and rads. sells medical supplies. found in the upper clinic.

Cells – 03/09/2011
Surface Building
Exterior area - 95% - probably a little more to be done with navmeshing, but otherwise I'm happy.
Entry room - 95% - a little more clutter, some more work on Carl's dialog tree, its a little messy.
Stairwell - 90% - cluttering to do. perhaps a service-elevator of some form should be added.

Vault Entrance Cell
Entrance hall - done
Secure Armoury for the security teams - 50%. literally, one side is done, the other is not.
Trade Concourse - 66% done roughly. a couple more NPCs to add, at least one more stall to build. a bit more work on pretty much everything really. plus some more dialog there.
Excursion Room - 90% - this room is a locker room with a bent towards teams going out into the "unlivable" wastelands of post-apocalypse america. somewhat disused. I'll clutter it a little more and I think it'll be done.
Upper Clinic - 90% - a clinic put in place to serve the traders and mercs who visit the vault without them having to be brought down into the vault proper. its store-room needs a little more work, plus a little more script work on one or two characters there.

Everything to follow is either not done, or partially laid out unless otherwise stated.

Communal Areas - various degrees of layout due to having multiple versions available.
Cafe/Diner - Laid out, partial navmesh, no clutter
Clinic - cluttered, no navmesh, essentially finished.
Supply Shop - no progress
Cigar Lounge - Complete
Overseer's Office
Overseer's Quarters
Electronics Room
Bathrooms - Male and Female


Living Quarters A - Laid out, but not navmeshed, cluttered or much else. still some work on alignments of parts to do.
Lounge (with pool-table)
Library in the Galley. – Quest-line to bring prewar books to the librarians
Individual rooms x8. Each room consists of a bedroom and a front-room.
Bathrooms for Male and Female

Laboratory Level - not started
Main Laboratory
Weapons Lab - unique weapons? some quests might come from here.
Manufactorum - builds weapons, robots, armor, everything the vault needs
Testing Chambers - Standard FEV style chambers, albeit clean

Utility Level - laid out partly
Utility Office
Reactor Room
Deep Storage