Endless Tank Slaughter - RTS1

Endless Tank Slaughter was the fifteen second title I came up with for demonstrating my RTS project to the class. This project was part of our "four week 2D game" assignment. as was, due to some confusion early on, I mixed up this project with my dissertation work for two weeks. so I had half the time allotted available to me. this game was the result. not my strongest hour to be sure, but it helped a lot with later projects in terms of the use of object-oriented control systems.

The essential concept of the game is that you control a group of tanks and must defend a central point against a never ending stream of enemy tanks which are attempting to capture the point. you have guns on your tanks, they do not. my AI skills weren't brilliant for that side of things...

This project mostly arose out of a sense of being challenged by my teacher who claimed that RTS games were one of the hardest types of game to build. RTS1 was mostly in response to that, my feeling being that having built the core control mechanics of an RTS game in under two weeks, I would be able to build a full game in not very long at all. indeed, I revisited the concept later with my RTS2 project.




The Game:

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