UFO Game

The UFO game, variously known to myself and my co-developers as UFOThang, UFO Game and "That crazy game with the Albatrosses"

Once in a developer's career I believe it is important to throw all logic and sense to the winds and build something that qualifies as insane. This is that project for me, or at least an early echo of one.

This is a game in which you fly a UFO around a small level abducting people and turning them into horses. you then place the people and horses into various enclosures around the level for presumed later eating.

The backstory (eloquently written by my teammate Tom) suggests that these aliens love the taste of horsemeat as well as human flesh, meaning that when humanity sets up a colony on the (oddly terraformed) moon of jupiter, aliens start abducting the colonists and transforming them into horses. hence where you come in. The insanity deepens with the music and sound effects, variously including the song "Cuban Pete" as sung in the film The Mask, and the sound of John Cleese shouting "Albatross!". the result is something that was exceptionally funny to myself and Tom, but oddly not very enthusiastically recieved by the class during demonstrations. Current prevailing theories are that the comedy only really worked since we developed it ourselves. or that it only works when you're playing the game yourself. more research required..

If the reader plays the game and finds it particularly unfunny, or funny for that matter, please email me and tell me why!


This game demonstrates a number of features. firstly being the ability to delete an object and replace it with something else, the abiltiy to pick stuff up and drop it using a tractor-beam, projectiles with particle effects (we touched on this in Cryptozoology, but it wasn't my department) and extensive use of sound-effects.

Notably, the AI in this game made strong use of random number generators and timers. resulting in remarkably unpredictable AI. Further note should be made about the detection system we used for counting horses and humans in the enclosures. This system worked well enough, but was somewhat unstable if players transformed AIs while they were already in the enclosure.


The Game:

Play UFO Game: online playable game (Link currently not working)

Download link : Windows : Mac