"Harbinger" Assault Bot

The Harbinger is probably one of my most visually impressive creations to date
Towering over most constructions, able to climb over anything bigger than itself, it's a 40 foot bellowing, galloping piece of shiny awesome.

Naturally I'm very proud of this one.

For those who haven't guessed, the Harbinger is a higher tier combat mech from the fantastic game, Supreme Commander, and its expansion, Forged Alliance.
I won't go into its own detail here, but you can read about it on the wiki page Here


This contraption is notable for a number of things. firstly, its sheer size dwarfs anything I've previously made, (and to date, anything I've made since - 22/03/12)
Secondly, it perfects the work I pioneered with the Loyalist in terms of the leg IK and the walk-cycle.

More recently, I upgraded it with various extras, such as a functional forcefield that utilises Line-Sphere intersection math to block bullets and direct-fire weapons,
Its own cannon, which gives it the firepower to take on almost anything, and an array of fun sound-effects such as bellowing cries and stomping footsteps.

Put it all together and you have a machine which utterly dominates the PvP scene on the servers I frequent, bullets fail to even hit it, missiles explode many meters off of it.
And its own cannon can instantly destroy almost any target. combine this with a small profile, high vantage point (useful for accurately striking ground targets) and the high mobility of its long stride and I can stalk the map pretty much at will.


Below is a clip of it which I put together to demonstrate its features. It's just raw footage, but it gives a good sense of it.
Missing is the shield bubble. Due to the target acquisition system, the shield consumes a great many Ops on the expression gate and lags quite badly in operation.