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Garry's Mod is a modification of valve's Half Life 2, developed initially by Garry Newman, and later by himself an a team of others.
Its initial purpose was as a sandbox using the Gravgun and the half-implemented Physics Manipulator dev-tool included in Half Life 2.

The Basic gameplay involves spawning entities and props from a list of assets. these assets are automatically acquired from any compatible Source based game,
which currently means all Source games except for Portal 2.

These assets can then be constrained and manipulated using a wide range of Lua coded tools generated by the developers and by fans.
The game assets are also supplemented by large model packs produced by the players.

One particularly large mod for Gmod is called Wiremod, this is a form of high-level scripting system initially based around game-entities which could be linked together for various effects
but now also include a module which can use Assembly code, and most relevantly to me, Expression 2.

Expression 2 is the most direct form of scripting, being a code-styled representation of the same entities used in the game, it can become considerably more sophisticated however
as the code written in the E2 chips is operated in a more efficient manner than the standard entities.

Expression 2 is directly responsible for my interest in programming and contributed to my acceptance into university as I was already well familiar with coding practice by that point.
Even to this day, I still develop "contraptions" in Gmod; usually based around E2 in some way. This page will serve to document my more impressive/interesting ventures.



A piloted biped mech designed for combat and coolness

HK Drone A small autonomous drone intended for NPC hunting
Holomap V1 and V2 Sophisticated visual mapping of a level and showing the current positions of NPCs, Players and props throughout the map.
"Loyalist" Assault Bot

A remote-piloted quadrupedal combat mech based on a mech of the same name in the game Supreme Commander 2

"Harbinger" Assault Bot

A piloted quadrupedal combat mech based on a similarly designed machine in the fantastic RTS game, Supreme Commander.

PowerSuit Mk3

A piloted bipedal mech, equipped with jumpjets, uniquely, the first mech I've built to have functional arms.

Tau XV-8 "Crisis" Battlesuit Based on the unit of the same name from the Tabletop wargame, Warhammer 40k. Most Agile mech I've ever built.
GraceWalker A 30 foot bipedal machine inspired by Mesoamerican and egyptian styles, Walks in a surprisingly feminine fashion for a 10 ton walking machine. Notably, capable of air-humping.

A small tripedal scout-bot, notable for its three-part IK algorithms and its ability to switch into a hovermode. also very agile.

PowerSuit Mk4 Similarly a piloted bipedal mech, this one is much more heavily armed and intended from the ground up for fighting.
"Vulture" Mechwarrior A powerful and very impressive bipedal mech based on the venerable Mechwarrior series of games.
Metal Gear "Gekko" A WIP based on the Gekko biomechanical tanks seen in the game Metal Gear Solid 4